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The Best Web Site Host for You – Affordable Hosting

The purpose of this site is simple, it is to make the choice of a web site hosting company easy and uncomplicated and  to help you to select the best web site host for you! We are not going to waste your time with pages and pages of hosting reviews that are basically the same! We will keep it uncomplicated and only show you the best affordable hosting ….

So how to select the best place to host a website? There are many thousands of web hosting companies available and many of them provide excellent services. You will find endless reviews of hosting companies. This does not really helps as the question still remains, which web hosting company should you go for and why?

To make the choosing of a web hosting company easy we selected 5 outstanding web site host companies. These companies are not by definition the cheapest or the biggest web host companies, but they all provide outstanding service and excellent value for money.

The selection of the companies were base on aspects like:

  • Their excellent reputation.
  • Company history.
  • The price and their range of products.
  • The ease of use.
  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Availability and level of support.
  • Level of service deliverance and reliability.
  • Technology and services available.
  • Guarantee provided.

The five selected hosting companies are:

The first choice – HostGator

The second choice – HostMonster

The three third choices